#13 Seed: This Week in Tech

iOS9, Microsoft Linux, Nginx, and Maths.

Since the last podcast iOS9 came out so we review some of the basic stuff that stuck out. We move on to a much more interesting subject of what Microsoft is doing with it's Azure service and how it's leveraging linux, and why that shouldn't surprise you. We explore some initial thoughts on the fact that Nginx decided to have a conference and how that could be good (or bad for them). Finally we close it out with some thought on the lottery and prime numbers.

Lukewarm review for a lukewarm update from Apple, Interesting though's on an interesting move on Microsofts part. Nginx why are you making such a big conference around your software? ... What if the lottery isn't random, also primes.

Published at: 2015-09-24T00:03:16+00:00