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Published at: 2015-09-24T00:03:16+00:00

#13 Seed: This Week in Tech

iOS9, Microsoft Linux, Nginx, and Maths.

Since the last podcast iOS9 came out so we review some of the basic stuff that stuck out. We move on to a much more interesting subject of what Microsoft is doing with it's Azure service and how it's leveraging linux, and why that shouldn't surprise you. We explore some initial thoughts on the fact that Nginx decided to have a conference and how that could be good (or bad for them). Finally we close it out with some thought on the lottery and prime numbers.

Lukewarm review for a lukewarm update from Apple, Interesting though's on an interesting move on Microsofts part. Nginx why are you making such a big conference around your software? ... What if the lottery isn't random, also primes.

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#12 Seed: Cars and Tech

Covering how our Software Development path has led to unexpected exposure to unusual cars.

We have cars on the minds and we take a minute to realize how lucky (or coincidental) it's been that our software development career has led to an unusual amount of exposure to vehicles that the general public or the next developer would otherwise not have. We also cover a story on a project with a car manufacturer that is also kind of a dev horror story.

Software development and how a couple projects have led us to seeing an unusual amount of cars and the some of the stories that come with it.

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#11 Seed: Markup and Mathematics

Back after recovering from Noro, we talk about markup and mathematics.

We were out on recovery after getting caught up in an LA County Norovirus mini outbreak. Exploring the thought of never having to write markup again and talking about how mathematics is super underutilized in software development.

Exploring the thought of never having to write markup again and how mathematics is super underutilized in web dev.

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#10 Seed: Digital Assistants

Talking about digital assistants and how that may impact us directly in a way we might not want.

Wondering where search engines went wrong, the void digital assistants such as Siri, Google, and M, are trying to fill (and Cortana and Echo, though they aren't mentioned explicitly), and how these changes may impact us through digital advertising.

What we actually want when we use a search engine, as well as the possible dark-side of digital assistants in context to digital advertising.

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#9 Seed: F1

The gang minus Chris and Greg start talking about F1and end up talking about career trajectories.

The first podcast recorded with the new audio set up, (working out the kinks). We start of talking about the technical feats of Formula 1 and general technological development in cars. We also diverge into mentioning software development projects with massive reach, end up covering points about career trajectory and what a fulfilling career could be. We also regale some personal career experiences as well as commenting on the general half life of a software engineer.

First podcast recorded with the new audio set up. We start off talking about F1, then end up cover points of career trajectory and the half life of a software engineer.

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#8 Seed: Ramble On

The gang minus Chris and Greg explore a stream of consciousness that covers a myriad of subjects.

A stream of consciousness that starts off with the music developers listen to and contents they consume, then morphs and evolves into a conversation about what programming could be, traverses that mind-loop to a simile about what asking a dev to build you a site is like, takes a second to take criticize the state of affairs of current web development, makes a pit stop on MaidSafe, and ponders on the technological singularity.

A stream of consciousness that covers music, content, what web dev could be, what it's like when you ask a dev to build you a site, a comparison between native and web dev, a disrupt technology, and technological singularity.

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#7 Seed: STEM and Minorities

The gang minus Chris and Greg get a little heavy on things like the STEM programming and how minorities are involved (or not involved).

Luis plays around with the thought of misrepresentation in engineering and computer science and shines a light on a viewpoint of what an impoverished youth might think about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics by regaling some of his own experiences growing up as poor, and as a minority and somehow ending up in Software Engineering.

Luis saw the #womeninengineering hashtag and stems from that into misrepresentation in STEM and Computer Science.

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#6 Seed: Programming for the Human Body

The gang minus Chris and Greg talk some hippie dippie sci-fi that boils down to programming for the human body.

Luis gets on supplements and comes to the realization that no one is programming for the human body, but we totally should be.

Luis extrapolates and elucidates on the need of programming for the human body and tries to think up an approach.

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#5 Seed: On Polymer

The gang minus Chris and Greg have a belated response to Google I/O's Polymer Keynote.

Luis tries out Polymer and covers some points, likes, dislikes, and hopes for the library.

Luis talks about Polymer and calls out the rest of the gang for lack of podcasting.

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#4 Seed: Mobile Dev

The gang starts talking about Web Dev and the conversation diverges from there.

Chris, Luis, and Greg cover points on Mobile Dev's, Yosemite, and some Dark stuff.

The gang sets off to talk about Mobile Dev and sorta do.